Underwater video images of miscellaneous sea life

Filmed by Paul and Maggie Coleman whilst on holiday around the world

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Little Cayman, the Cayman Islands 2008

We stayed on the island for 10 days, narrowly missing storm force Faye, which struck the Caymans within 12 hours of us leaving.

A large Nurse Shark cruises past Maggie as she patrols the edge of thereef drop off. A harmless bottom feeder, it is nevertheless an impressive animal, with that classic shark swimming movement.

Darwin Island, the Galapagos Islands 2006

Whaleshark encounter.

This short clip is filmed by another diver, but the hapless diver in shot, nearly being decapitated by the whaleshark's pectoral fin is Paul, whose own video of this incident shows a series of white dots on a dark background moving across the screen!