20.12.14 Completely changed the 'Visit to the Galapagos 1997' in the 'A visit to...' section. This section was so old it was designed to run on a 56K modem, and as such was small and low resolution. Fully updated for broadband, although there are some quality issues as most of the images are taken from elderly, well used slides. Enjoy!

17.10.14 Finally regained access to this site after major problems with spambots which crashed my admin access rights. Events finally updated.

Much work needs to be done to update this wesite however. The forum remains closed, and member access is still on hold until I stabilise things.

Have added 'Costa Rica 2001' to the 'a visit to...' section- something I had ready to go 2 years ago!

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13/10/10 Addition of 'Conference 2010 at Muenster Zoo ' added to conservation section:

29/9/2010 Changes made to 'Carapax' section- court judgement in Italy against Carapax (reported in local news), and Court Judgement against BCG for infringements of common law against one of their own members (when complaining about Carapax). www.ukchelonia.info/carapax/carapax.htm

18/9/10: Video of whaleshark added to other sea life section (more/visit to...)

15/9/10 ' Inside Allwetter Zoo' added to Conservation section

15/9/10 New Visit to section started: Videos of other sealife- fist clip is of a Nurse shark

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